Customcube Interloc Snap System –
Snap Curtains

Cubicle Curtain 2.0 has arrived. CustomCube Interloc Snap Curtains are the next generation of custom snap curtains that change how facilities approach the changing standards of medical cleanliness.

CustomCube Interloc Curtains are an alternative privacy solution that meet new high standards for infection control at medical facilities. The products attributes make it functional, easy to install and saves both time and money.

Typically when a curtain becomes soiled the standard protocol is to take the entire curtain down, regardless of size, and send out to a laundry service. This requires that ladders and other equipment be brought into patient areas which may be disruptive. Then a member of the hospital staff is required to take the curtain down which that staff member may be uneasy at such heights. Once the soiled curtain is down a clean extra needs to be hung in its place.

CustomCube Interloc Curtains have one size antimicrobial mesh with snaps that receive panels of fabric that create the custom size curtain width. These panels can be taken down from an Emergency Room laundered and then installed any where else in the facility. The panels are also at a height that is easily reached without the need for a ladder or other equipment. Lastly, the facility needs to only purchase a few panels and mesh as extra change outs.

If you facility has already or is contemplating changing over to this new style of custom snap curtains please request a quote today!