CustomCube Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the curtain have mesh? What color is it? // Click to Open

A: Our standard mesh is white and 22″ from top to bottom. We railroad the mesh so there will not be any seams and it will be a continual piece on your curtain. Off white/tusk is also available as well as 36″ goods.

Q: How far off the floor will the curtain hang? // Click to Open

A: It is recommended for cleanliness and air flow that the curtain hang 10″ to 12″ above the finished floor. That means if you have a 108″ ceiling height the curtain will finish at 94″. This allows 12″ from the floor and 2″ for the hardware.

Q: Will you fabricate with my facilities standard material? // Click to Open

A: We have relationships with all major fabric companies and can supply any standard that your facility may use.

Q: How do I clean these curtains? // Click to Open

A: All fabrics have different cleaning instructions due to the content of the material. It would be best to call or email to request instructions so to not damage the goods. Usually the instructions are dry clean only and do not use a mangler.

Q: Will the curtain be the same width (side to side) as the track? // Click to Open

A: We add 15% fullness to the width of the track. If the track is 100″ the finished width is 115″.

Q: I have a bend in the track. How do you ship it? (Silhouettes) // Click to Open

A: We will cut the track up and splice it together for ease of shipping and lay out at your job site.

Q: What is included in the hardware? // Click to Open

A: Track, carriers (pre strung on the track) , track end cap, maintenance knock out and splice plate if needed. See pictures on hardware link here.

Q: What fabric do you have? // Click to Open

A: All quotes are based on our Standards pattern. It is a checker board pattern with a wide range of colors. See link to colors here.